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He was born on 31st July 1983 in Bergamo (Italy). He has been cultivating his passion for writing since his earliest years. He passes his school-leaving examination in Classical studies in 2002 and he enters Law Faculty in Milan. Sports reporter since 2004, he also worked as a local, society and crime reporter. Freelance journalist since 2005, he starts his apprenticeship at the National Association of Journalism in 2007. He has started and and edited a local monthly business and financial magazine for six years. He has been devoting himself exclusively to writing novels and historical books since 2012. He currently lives between New York and Bergamo.

He won the international literary contest “The new authors in 2013” with the unpublished novel “Orange Blood Biography”, a thriller from which it was derived “The Orange Hand”. In the second half of 2015 he has launched on the American and Canadian markets his second unpublished novel “Anatole” in eMooks mode (, your international patent. In 2018 he has launched his third novel "The Clubface".

He is published in United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, New Zeland, Holland, Denmark and Italy and he is represented by Hollywood Artists Agency (Los Angeles, California).