Passion for Thriller Novels


1994, PineHill. Timothy Palmer, former champion and professional teacher of the Pine Crest, the most prestigious Golf Club in the world in the United States, is found dead in his home.


2016, San Vigilio del Garda (Italy). The corpse of the young Laura Achilli, betrothed by the emerging talent of international golf Peter Meyer, is found dead in the dressing room of the prestigious Italian Golf Club.


Two apparently distant homicides, linked by disturbing similarities. A murky history of usury, morbid passion and revenge within the worn and patinated world of professional golf.


Geremia is a little black orphan, obsessed with the idea of becoming a famous jazz musician, the only one able to compose the most beautiful song in the world. He grows up in Alabama between the passion for the notes and the rage for a border existence. Bit his will to emerge will lead him to stand out as a famous movie soundtrack composer. But at the very peak of his success, when he gains an Academy Award, the dark side of the jazz music swallows him lethally. Can the composition of the perfect music kill? Just contrasting with death, contributing factor a series of murders in Hollywood, Geremia will manage to understand the real border between good and evil. The white and the black of his life will merge in the bottom of the American history, from Prohibition to the roaring years of the Hollywood "Golden Age".



11.41 p.m., 22nd August 2012, suburb of San José, Silicon Valley’s modern dormitory town, California. A corpse is discovered in a baggage car in a suburban parking lot. It’s a scientific researcher of Dutch extraction.


It’s just the beginning of a chain of murders who are to fully shock the life of Joe Brigati, a young Italo-canadian crime reporter who lives in Milan. With the complicity of a biography to write, he is to find accidentally himself in contact with a secret organization - called "Orange Hands" - who is trying to remove at the root the troubled international pharmaceutical business exalting scientific pureness. But it’s nothing but the beginning of a wider and more silent worldwide revolution. Was the Orange Agent a fatal accident in Vietnam or was it a slaughter wanted by the U.S. army? Joe will find himself trapped in this entangled and slimy underworld because of the charming Jennifer Blasquez, a model with an obscure past. A probe against time, leading the main character to solve by himself several murder cases between Milan and San Francisco.